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ChineseFineMinerals(for short: CFM) located in Beijing, the capital of China, was Builded in 2007 by Jiangbin, www.chinesefineminerals.com is the website of CFM on internet. ChineseFineMinerals specialize in new minerals specimens from Chinese new locality, especially new, top, type, and rare species.

Jiangbin grew up in a geological family. His father is a geologician£¬he once worked in Tibet forty years. When Jiangbin was a children, he once seen many minerals and fossils in his father's office, and attracted by those rocks, in his childhood there once was his paradise.

In 1996, finished the university curricula£¬Jiangbin once worded in several electric company£¬live is smooth and steady but without passion, he never forget his fancy and ideal£¬so later, he restudy the gemological£¬and worked for a minerals trade company. In 2006, Jiangbin become a full-time mineral dealer, and decide put his life-long passion into minerals.

Since 2006 to 2010£¬Jiangbin once have two mineral shop in Beijing Collectable maket. In the mineral shop he meet many collectors£¬and got many generously support from them. In 2010£¬he closed the shop and open a workroom£¬put more business on internet in order to get more free time to go to the mine. Later he go to the mine with regular trips to look for minerals, constant acquisitions of new minerals from each locality.

His first trip is to Xuebaoding Mountain and His favorite locality is Xuebaoding Mountain too, since 2006 he go to Huya village two times every year and bought a lot of high quality minerals.

In recent years£¬many new locality and new minerals was finded in the north of China£¬the typical locality include Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia; Rongguan Mine, East Ujimqin Banner, Inner Mongolia. In the future, the mines of North is still his work emphasis£¬and Jiangbin will write some report articles to present the informations and typical minerals for the new locality, hope the reports can give some help to worldwide collectors.

If you have any question in minerals of China please send mail to ChineseFineMinerals, if you want to visit ChineseFineMinerals workroom, please make an appointment with him. Your advice and comments are invaluable to him, thank you!

ChineseFineMinerals workroom address: 10-1409, Chunshuyuan Area, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China
E-mail: chineseminerals@163.com
Cellphone: (0086) 13601064531

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