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Inner Mongolia report

About since three years ago, some minerals that from north of China begin to appear in mineral market, in these minerals, the typical piece is Ilvaite, green quartz, arsenopyrite, hedenbergite, pink calcite, green global fluorite, red fluorite, green andradite etc. Some minerals crystal form and combination like another famous locality: Dal'negorsk, Russia. About the locality there are many story in these minerals. Go with the time advance, the real locality show itself bit by bit, these minerals are all from Inner Mongolia.

From spring of 2011, I went to Inner Mongolia many times for travel and purchase minerals, in the following article we will see a presentation of several locality that produce mineral specimens and some typical mineral specimen, hope it can help more mineral collector to know the minerals that from Inner Mongolia.

Rongguan Mine:


The Rongguan mine is located in the Daote Town territory of Dongwuqi(East Ujimqin Banner), the mine from the Banner government(Wuliyasitai town) 180 kilometers, from the Wuchagou train station 190 kilometers, 100 kilometers away from the Huolinhe City.

Google map:

Red 'A' is the frontier defensive road, green arrowhead point to the Rongguan mine.

From Erengaobisumu to Rongguan mine is a difficult gravelly road.

Traffic conditions:

From Linxi County to Rongguan mine by drive about need 7 hours, partly route is the frontier defensive road. The best route is: Linxi - West Ujimqin Banner - East Ujimqin Banner - Erengaobisumu - Rongguan Mine , main asphalt road and some gravelly road can up to the mine, traffic is convenient.

The landscape on the way:

Partly frontier defensive road is disreputable. Jiangbin photo.

The muddy road to the Rongguan Mine in summer. Jiangbin photo.

The mongolian horse in the grassland. Jiangbin photo.

The fecund grass and the herder's house. Jiangbin photo.

Erengaobisumu is a small village, a gravelly road can arrived Rongguan mine. Jiangbin photo.

A hotel in Erengaobisumu. Jiangbin photo.

A couple of wild goose in the lake. Jiangbin photo.

A small owl in the backyard of the hotel. Jiangbin photo.

General interest:

The Rongguan mine is a large skarn polymetallic deposits, mining area covers an area of 2.4 square kilometers, the Rongguan mine was builded in 2004 by Inner Mongolia Xingye Group, and begin to produce at the beginning of 2006. Its major metal minerals include magnetite, hematite, limonite, sphalerite, pyrite etc...

Overlook the concentrator of Rongguan mine in May 2012. Jiangbin photo.

The concentrator in summer of 2011, some building was not completed. Berthold Ottens photo.

The ore transmit chunnel of Rongguan mine. Jiangbin photo.

Two main entrance of Rongguan Mine, the chinese on the wall are slogans for safe. Jiangbin photo.

A full ore truck is going from the entrance. Jiangbin photo.

The pink and yellow building is miner's house, the blue is laboratory. Jiangbin photo.

The miner's fatigue dress in the corridor. Berthold Ottens photo.

In off day, the miners are playing mah-jong. Berthold Ottens photo.

We are looking for the mineral specimen in the miner's room. Berthold Ottens photo.

Bert examining some of the Andradite. Jiangbin photo.

A junior miner is holding a Quartz specimen. Berthold Ottens photo.

Major minerals:

The major mineral specimens have been found in Rongguan mine is: Andradite, Manganoan Calcite, Quartz, Magnetite, Helvite, Fluorite, Hematite, Gypsum...

Pink Calcite balls on the top of Quartz. Berthold Ottens photo.

Calcite balls formed by lamellar Crystals With Quartz. size: 7.0 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Calcite with Quartz Andradite and Hematite crystal cluster. size: 6.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Laminar pink Manganoan Calcite crystal cluster. size: 7.00 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Shining Hematite with Calcite on Quartz crystal cluster. size: 3.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Several generations brown Andradite crystal cluster. size: 8.00 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Shining brown Andradite Garnet crystal cluster. size: 11.3 x 8.0 x 5.5cm. Jiangbin photo.

Brown Andradite Garnet crystal cluster on matrix. size: 9.0 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Translucent red brown Andradite Garnet crystal cluster. size: 4.5 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Shining tetragonal trisoctahedron Andradite on matrix. size: 6.8 x 5.5 x 4.3 cm. Jiangbin photo.

Shining brown Andradite crystal cluster with Quartz. size: 7.5 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Parallel growth pyramidal Quartz cluster on Andradite. size: 5.0 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Global brown Andradite cluster with Quartz on matrix. size: 3.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Laminar Hematite crystal intergrowth with Andradite. size: 9.0 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Purple octahedral Fluorite intergrowth with Andradite and Quartz. Berthold Ottens photo.

Scepter pyramidal Quartz crystal cluster. size: 3.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Pyramidal Quartz crystal. size:5.0 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Second generation Quartz on previous smoky Quartz crystal. size: 5.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Japan law twin Quartz crystal cluster on matrix. Berthold Ottens photo.

Japan law twin Quartz crystal on Andradite matrix. size: 6.9 x 6.0 x 5.4 cm. Jiangbin photo.

Clear pyramidal smoky Quartz on matrix. size: 7.7 x 4.7 x 3.8 cm. Jiangbin photo.

Scepter Quartz crystal cluster with Calcite. size 3.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Transparent pyramidal smoky Quartz crystal cluster. size: 6.5 cm wide. Jiangbin photo.

Hematite on top of clear pale red Quartz cluster. size: 9.3 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm. Jiangbin photo.

Pale blue Chalcedony intergrowth with Quartz and Calcite. Jiangbin photo.

Yellow Helvite crystal cluster with clear smoky Quartz. size: 4.5 cm high. Jiangbin photo.

Transparent Gypsum crystal cluster on matrix. Jiangbin photo.

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